SES-Oildissolver has the property all hydrocarbon compounds

and their various by-products without residue.

The functions developed in the SES Oildissolver perform the

hydrocarbon compounds to the primal elements hydrogen,

nitrogen and oxygen. This function, once triggered,

remains stable until all hydrocarbons are dissolved.


All active substances present in the product SES-Oildissolver

are suitable for the Environmentally harmless,

i.e. environmentally friendly.  During the SES-Oildissolver

product does not cause any problems during the first phase of use.

Damage to flora and fauna. This was prevented by careful

Investigations proved. The complete dissolution, will time

is not achieved by any other product.



The field of application:


- open water, lakes, rivers also industrial plants for water purification.

- Prevention on ships, oil rigs, coastal protection prevents in accidents with oil, any type of major damage.

- The use of SES-Oildissolver after an oil-water separation can reduce the permitted discharge quantity with the oil content from 15 ppm to "zero ppm".

- A simple dosing unit behind the discharge makes this possible. A real relief for the world's oceans with around 100,000 large ships!

- Treatment of reservoir water.

- During the production of crude oil and natural gas, by-products such as reservoir water with often highly toxic constituents are pumped to the surface.

- By treatment with Oildissolver SES these liquids can be cleaned from oil contamination.

- Waste water from coal mining can also be detoxified in this way.

- Contaminated sites from sunken rotting ships can also be treated.

- Ship dismantling is often very harmful to the environment.

Example Chittagong / Bangladesh here are the effects seen via satellite photos.

Another area of application is sediment cleaning in the above-mentioned waters, which also counts for sludge treatment of river, port and shipping lanes.






SES-SP stands for Soil Purification.

In the environment we often find heavily polluted soils with

of different prehistory, like for example: dumped

drilling mud, landfill soil and harbour mud.

With SES-SP the soil can be treated on site.

This is a tremendous advantage, which is reflected in the quality and

Quantity precipitates. The application is carried out by the

surface or in deep layers with the aid of drill holes.

The recovery of the soils depends on the surroundings and the

of the degree of wetness, the wetter the soil, the faster it regenerates.






SES-TC stands for "Tank cleaning" for cleaning and deoiling.

of fuel tanks filled with heavy fuel oil / bunker oil or

of other marine fuels.

SES-TC version is for cleaning oil and fuel tanks,

of any kind. For this the oil tank is emptied in the best possible way,

Sprayed with SES-TC and after a contact time of 30 - 60 minutes

cleaned with high pressure water of 150 - 500 bar.

All water jet devices can be cleaned with warm water,

as well as with cold water. The oil load on the

the surfaces is completely removed.

The total disposal mass is significantly reduced.