• Dissolving crude oil without trace
  • Cleaning of crude oil production sites
  • Restoration of contaminated soils

About us...

Oil still is an important energy source and a natural resource on earth and will be for decades to come. Unfortunately, spectacular accidents with enormous contamination of our environment happen during production and transport.

Furtheron unsolved problems emerge worldwide through daily work with oil, due to technical problems, poor sealings, leaky pipelines  and reckless handling of regulations.



Oil Dissolver has proved that there is a satisfactory resolution. We are able to clean huge polluted surfaces, without any harmful secondary effects and to free them up to 100 % from any contaminating substances. Therefore, we use our production-line SES  as a remedy, manufactured from pure plant extracts, which is harmless for humans and environment.


What can we do?

We clean water surfaces which have been contaminated by oil accidents. Thereby the oil will not be absorbed or lowered into the ground, but residue-free dissolved.


We remove reliably the constant pollutions which occur for example at oil rigs’ boreholes.


We clean entire coasts, rocks and beaches and remediate practically all geological forms of coastal regions.


We ensure in harbours and marinas by treatment with our product SES best water quality in a short time.


We regenerate polluted soils with our special spraying technique. After that an expensive soil replacement is normally not necessary.


We solve the problem of contaminated sites accumulated over the years by oil sludge, sites of deposits and other problematic substances.


We clean dirty tanks, vehicles of all kinds including ships’ elements with our biologically based special liquid. There will be no use of poisonous chemicals anymore.

Contact support and discussion of problems


Practical analysis on site with our own engineers


Suggestions for solving problems and approach

Creating a concept in agreement with the customer

Costs, schedules, distribution of tasks, training and education,

plans of technical documentation


Project excecution under our direction

transparent efficiency control


complete documentation


Project execution / Methodology


Development- and research departments in Israel and on Cyprus


Production in Nikosia


Worldwide distribution via cooperate partners and subcontractors


Entire project design/planning in Germany


Our own German team of engineers



Current strategy:


Development and research in Germany


Production in Germany


International distribution-structure under German administration




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